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Our veterinary team at Byron Center Animal Hospital specialize in offering the best and most cutting-edge care for animals with skin and ear diseases.

Pet Dermatology in Byron Center, MI

Dermatology mainly deals with problems that affect the skin, nails, or hair of your pet. Cats and dogs frequently experience parasites, rashes, allergies, and other problems. These health problems shouldn’t be ignored because they can be very uncomfortable for your pet.

Stray dogs scratch their feet with their mouths caused by fleas

Pet Dermatology

Identifying and treating your pet’s allergies can help prevent other health issues from occuring. Mild allergic reactions may be brought on by pollen, mildew, flea or other insect bites, household dust mites, and other allergens. These reactions could become worse with repeated exposure. Whether or not these allergies are recognized, if they are not treated properly, frequent contact or allergy attacks (regular bursts of acute exposure) may lead to gradually worsening symptoms. Chronic allergies can also lead to other problems like ear pain, upper respiratory discomfort, skin bacterial infections, skin yeast infections, and eye problems. These side effects could persist even after the allergic reaction has subsided or been controlled. Inflammation of the skin, ears, and nose are a frequent side effects of allergies, and they can persist even after symptoms appear to have disappeared.

If you think your pet as allergy issues schedule an appointment so that we can examine your pet and assist you in finding a solution.

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