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Pet Diagnostic Imaging

Diagnostics is an important tool in veterinary medicine that we use at Byron Center Animal Hospital to help determine what is wrong with our patients.

Pet Diagnostic Imaging in Byron Center, MI

A quicker diagnosis results in a faster recovery! We perform diagnostic testing both internally and with a third-party lab so that we can deliver results right away.
Doctor examining dog in xray room

Pet Diagnostic Imaging

A radiograph, also known as an x-ray, is a noninvasive diagnostic tool used to help identify and treat medical conditions. In order to create images of the inside of the body using x-ray imaging, a portion of the body is exposed to a small dose of ionising radiation. Our Digital Vet-Ray machine provides images quickly and with less radiation exposure. The board-certified radiologists can then review and consult on these images after our veterinarians have reviewed them.

Ultrasound is a very useful diagnostic tool that uses sound waves to project real-time images or videos of our patient’s organs onto a display screen via a specialised probe. This modality allows veterinarians to see inside our patients’ organs and body cavities.

It aids in distinguishing between normal and abnormal findings in order to develop a diagnostic plan.

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