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We’re here to help keep your beloved pet healthy and fit for life. We provide complete, professional pet nutrition and weight management services.

Pet Dietary Consultations in Byron Center, MI

The staff at Byron Center Animal Hospital is prepared to provide the appropriate food recommendations to help your pets nutritional needs.

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Pet Dietary Consultations

The overall health and well-being of your pet depends heavily on nutrition from the moment you bring them home. Since there are so many commercial diets that are nutritionally complete, choosing a diet for a pet no longer requires as much guesswork as it once did, but as a pet gets older and activity levels change, so do its nutritional requirements. Whether your pet requires a special diet or just needs to lose (or gain) a few pounds, our staff can assist you in reaching your objectives and maintaining the health of your pet. We provide advice on dietary choices and feeding methods for pets at different stages of life, including growth, adulthood, pregnancy and nursing, and the golden years.

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