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Pet In-House Laboratory

Our in-house lab enables prompt diagnosis, frequently during the same visit, saving our clients’ time and assisting in getting our furry friends the care they require.

Pet In-House Laboratory in Byron Center, MI

A quicker diagnosis results in a faster recovery! We perform diagnostic testing both internally and with a third-party lab so that we can deliver results right away.
Glassware and microscope arrangement

Pet In-House Laboratory

The in-house lab at Byron Center Animal Hospital enables us to diagnose issues and start treatment on your pet much more quickly than ever before. We can quickly perform blood tests for vital organs like the kidneys, liver, thyroid, electrolytes, blood protein, blood sugar, and pancreatic function. By enhancing the testing options available to all of our patients, our veterinary care team can better meet the needs of your pet by having quick access to accurate in-house diagnostic test results. These capabilities enable quick and effective pre-anesthetic blood work screening prior to any kind of surgery.

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