The BCAH Advantage

Keeping your pet healthy is not only our duty, but part of our mission to serve you and promote a long lasting bond between you and your animal family member. Many aspects of care overlap between the categories of prevention, wellness and surgical and a multidimensional treatment plan is the best way to ensure long lasting health for your pet. We are always happy to discuss any questions you have regarding treatment for your pet and provide estimates of treatment costs. 

Summary of Services


 Regular and consistent prevention practices are the best way to keep costs down for your pet. Prevention practices include annual wellness exams, regular blood and fecal testing, dental care, vaccinations, spay/neuter procedures and microchipping.

 Our veterinarians may suggest other practices unique to your pet and his/her breed, age and disposition.

We recommend year round flea/tick prevention in Michigan due to the ever changing temperature conditions. Ask about including these preventions at your next office visit. 


A wellness exam is recommended once a year and includes a complete physical evaluation along with a blood panel to test for heartworm disease and a stool sample tested for intestinal parasites. At this time, a personalized vaccine protocol is discussed and administered accordingly. 

Other wellness services include behavioral counseling, pain management for acute and chronic pain, dietary consultations and dermatology.

 We have an in-house laboratory equipped to perform most recommended tests while you wait and utilize an animal-specialist diagnostic laboratory for any testing that we are unable to perform in-house. This will usually allow for results the next day. Diagnostic testing is the best method for early disease or abnormality detection in your pet.   

We are equipped for convenient EKG, blood pressure and oxygen saturation measurement and our facility also offers digital ultrasound as well as a full digital x-ray suite.  These state-of-the-art capabilities allow us to provide the highest quality images of your pet in a quick and timely manner.


 Included with every surgical procedure comes our top-notch anesthesia and monitoring services; allowing us to be precise in managing your pet's anesthetic depth and ensuring maximum comfort during surgery. In addition to our technology, all procedures are lovingly monitored by one of our licensed veterinary technicians.

All of our technicians have been given an educational emphasis in anesthesia, better enabling us to provide the safest anesthesia possible. We perform most soft-tissue surgeries (both routine and emergency) using the highest quality instrumentation and materials.

Read more about what is included in surgery for your pet and surgery FAQs by clicking the link below.


 There are many different brands and types of products available for your pet. We sell many of these for your convenience, including antibiotics, pain relief and food supplements. We will help to educate you to help you make the best product decision for your pet. Because there are so many new products being developed every year, we are continually educating our doctors and staff. This ensures that we are prescribing the safest and best medications for your pet.

 **Please be aware that many of the medications purchased from some of the internet pharmacies will not be guaranteed by the manufacturer of the product.** 

We also offer a variety of prescription diets to meet your pet's unique nutritional requirements. For more information on some of the foods we offer please visit the link below.