At Byron Center Animal Hospital, your pet’s comfort and safety are our primary concerns. We hope th

Pre-Surgical Care

Scientific evidence has shown that animals can benefit from pre-surgical care in the same way that people do. Like us, it is easier to prevent pain in our pets than to treat it. We are committed to providing your pet with pain relief before, during, and after their surgical procedure.  

Sterile Instruments

All surgical instruments, including needles and syringes are steam autoclaved between all procedures to ensure a fresh set of equipment is used for each and every surgery. 

Surgical Anesthesia

For almost every surgery we use an injectable anesthetic followed by an inhalant. While your pet is under anesthesia, we continue to maintain their comfort through the use of a breathing tube - this way, we can ensure that their airway is protected from aspiration or distress.   

Anesthetic Monitoring

Our surgical suite is equipped with a monitor specifically designed for veterinary use. We also have specially trained, licensed technicians dedicated to monitoring your pet while they are under general anesthesia. During surgery we are monitoring your pet’s heart/respiratory rate, blood pressure, and anesthetic depth.   

Precision Suture Material

We use the highest quality suture material available. Many hospitals will cut costs by using expired human suture material, but we use only new, pet-friendly products. By sparing no expense on our materials, we can count on the best holding ability and the lowest number of adverse reactions.   


Emergency Drugs

We always have emergency drugs available should the need arise. We have the appropriate doses of these medications pre-calculated specifically for your pet and ready to dispense according to Michigan safety standards. 

Post-Surgical Monitoring

After surgery, we minimize risk by closely monitoring your pet until they are up and walking around, keeping an eye out for warning signs such as increased or decreased body temperature. We verify your pet’s temperature every 10-20 minutes for the first 1-2 hours after surgery to encourage proper recovery. Once your pet is fully conscious, they are taken for a short walk and fed a tasty, high-calorie snack.   

Discharge Instructions

We will provide you with detailed instructions on what to watch for and expect after your pet’s surgery. These instructions will be reviewed with you by one of our technicians who are available to answer any questions you may have.  

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